- Betsy Pitcher

"I am just reaching out to you because I want you, the board members, staff and INCREDIBLE teaching staff to let you all know what Maine Arts Academy means to us. Ciara has always thought outside the box. She is an inquisitive person who thrives on knowledge, music, dance, and people. Just like her brother and younger sister, she spent her young life in the Boothbay Harbor school system. She was so excited to leave 8th grade and enter high school. As a freshman, she was in all honors classes and doing independent German classes, but when she wanted to do music and chorus she was told that it would not fit into her academics. She took piano lessons in her own time and did theater as an afterschool extra. Ciara has always been into the Arts, whether it was theater with the YARTS programs or dance with Miss Melissa, or Piano with Mr.Kiley, She thrived in that creative environment. But to be told that music does not "fit" in the world of academia was too much for her. We knew that her time at BRHS was limited.

As a parent, we are supposed to "feed" their minds and souls with the things they love and are interested in. The Arts should not be an elective, they should be mandated into the curriculum. Thank god for a friend of hers that said she went to this really Cool performing arts school in Sidney. I remember her coming to me and saying, "Mom remember when you said if I could find a performing arts school in Maine I could go?" Well, that was all it took. We made an appointment to come see the school. I remember our first drive down Pond road. I was already sold by the scenery! Then we pulled into Goldenrod Lane and fell in love some more. I was worried about the commitment that had to be made in order for her to attend, but I knew we had to give it a chance.
Ciara started the fall of her Sophmore year and now she is in the last semester of her senior year. She has lived on Campus for a year, and the last two years has gotten up and out the door by 5:40 to make the bus 30 mins. away and then drive the hour and twenty minutes to and from school every day. Why? Because she would not have received the education and the ability to have the music classes and dance classes that she has at MEAA and to explore different types of classes offered. I feel the teachers are allowed to teach the way they want to and their passion shows. Ciara has grown into the strong, independent, free-thinking person that she is because of the way she has been educated and the opportunities that she has been given.

I talk to people all the time about MEAA and cannot say enough about it. Especially during this time of hardship. They seemed in Awe over the fact that the kids went right into remote learning. I said yes they didn't skip a beat and I applaud them for that.

Thank you for all that you do for our kids. Thank you for all the wonderful caring Teachers, what you do matters and more. I am fortunate enough to have one more child looking forward to her first year at MEAA in the fall!'

"Joe Hines We are so very thankful with all that MeAA has done and continues to do!! You did not miss a beat at getting things started online and keeping the schedule consistent with how things were done at school has been pivotal! We appreciate the consistent communication and keeping us parents up-to-date with all of the changes and current information. Our family is beyond grateful for the many extra hours that the staff has put in to make all of this happen! We feel blessed to be a part of the MeAA community during this uncertain time!"